BOTOX ® Cosmetic is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic treatments. It is a simple but effective procedure for anyone who wishes to soften existing wrinkles while preventing new ones. The Rejuvenation Medical Esthetics offers several other treatment option for wrinkles resulting from damaged or loose, in-elastic skin, but BOTOX ® Cosmetic is the ideal treatment for the wrinkles that follow years of muscle use and strain.

 In the procedure, which does not even require an anesthetic, botulinum toxin type A (the scientific name for BOTOX ® Cosmetic or  DYSPORT ®) is injected through a fine needle into the target muscle. Over the next few days, the chemical will start to block signals from the nerves. This inhibits muscle action, thereby allowing current wrinkles to lessen, and relaxing the muscle tension that caused them in the first place. By “freezing” the muscles that cause a furrowed brow, frown lines, and crow’s feet, existing wrinkles become shallower and less apparent, while new ones form far more slowly.Results vary, but average 3-4 months.  For continual and best results it is recommended you repeat the treatment before results wear off.  Not sure if it is time for BOTOX ® Cosmetic or  DYSPORT ® ?  Look up the "family tree" and look at same gender relatives that are older than you.  The best time to treat a line or wrinkle is before it happens. Why have your BOTOX ® Cosmetic or  DYSPORT ® done at Rejuvenation Medical Aesthetics?  Because your injections are done by Dr. Fox or Dr. Leng.  With years of experience between the two, it is treatment you can trust.





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